Bring Your Own Story

Redesigning a global supperclub’s onboarding experience


Bring Your Own Story (“BYOS”) is a global supperclub hosting community. Each supperclub event has a focus on themed, personal storytelling as a way to forge more meaningful relationships with strangers.


Team Facilitator

As the Team Facilitator, I ensured my team remained focused on the UX process, were organised, worked to each other’s strengths, delivered on time, to a high standard and had fun. I also facilitated/ran the Design Workshop with our client.


The Challenge

2-Week Design Sprint: The founders want to grow BYOS quickly on a global scale in 2018 and to do so, they needed help redesigning much of their responsive website. With scalability in mind, I helped the client narrow its brief to focus on redesigning the onboarding and training experience of new hosts which was predominantly done offline.


The Outcome

Using the research methods, UX design methods and tools mentioned below, brought most of the onboarding and training process into the website. Rewrote much of the website’s copy (as users weren’t inspired to sign up to host), designed a host login area, created a hosting dashboard (which not only provided a new onboarding and training experience but also was designed with future use in mind, such as allowing hosts to set-up and manage their own BYOS events from the dashboard) and designed an online training area.


Client Feedback

“Grainne is a gem! She led a three-person UX team from General Assembly that was consulting my start-up. She’s a great communicator, strategic thinker, project manager, UXer, and a delight to work with. I wish we could hire her!”


UX Research Methods

User interviews | Usability testing | Competitor and business analysis | Contextual inquiry


UX Design Methods

Wireframing | Affinity mapping | User journey | Userflows | Experience maps | Design Studio Workshop | UI Design

Prototyping (prototype iterations from paper prototypes to low/mid-fidelity to hi-fidelity) | Delivered a Design Specification


UX Tools

Sketch | InVision | Sharpies | Post-Its | Paper | KeyNote


Prototype Link

Here is a link to our high-fidelity prototype that we used to test with users.