About Me

Grainne Kay
UX Designer



During my 7 years as a lawyer working across industries from healthcare to music, I was frustrated by design that was not only bad, it was sometimes dangerous – why? I believe technology was being built in isolation and the users were not truly a part of the design process. This led me to consider a career in UX design. I took the leap and it was the best decision I ever made.


Who Am I?

I love talking to people, finding out everything about them and understanding how life looks from their perspective. I also love getting to the bottom of a problem, working hard with a great team and embracing the inevitable uncertainty that comes with finding a solution. I love a deadline and (from my hours of grinding away in the legal profession) handle pressure pretty well. I pursue elegant, concise design, trying to create exactly what a user needs and delight them as they use the product.


What I do outside of work

MUSIC: I’m a music fanatic – regularly go to gigs and play various instruments.

SKIING: After my ski season in Whistler, Canada, I’m hooked and go on yearly ski & snowboard trips, most recently to Japan!

TRAVEL: I love an adventure, new ideas, new experiences and exploring. My passport has been filled with stamps from South America, S.E. Asia, New Zealand, Japan, Borneo, Bali, Kenya, Nepal, India and Cuba.


Contact Me

Interested in working together? Drop me an email at grainneux@gmail.com

Grainne McElroy